Mike handles complex litigation cases in state and federal court.

Mike argued a landmark case before the Illinois Supreme Court involving construction law. Mike's case was initially dismissed, but Mike appealed and won. The other side appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court, but Mike won there as well. The case set precedent for all subcontractors in the state moving forward.

Mike is involved in a case involving tens of millions of dollars in illegal sports wagers. These gambling wagers have generated more than a dozen different lawsuits, three different appeals, and investigations by at least four different federal agencies.

Mike represented a baseball coach who was accused of sexual abuse. Mike transferred the case to bankruptcy court to protect his client. The alleged victim and his lawyers were accused of violating the bankruptcy rules. After a trial, Mike obtained a verdict for his client in excess of $100,000 against the alleged victim and his lawyers for violating the bankruptcy rules. The verdict was upheld on appeal. This case was featured in the Wall Street Journal twice. Mike's client was later convicted of criminal sexual abuse, but that conviction was recently overturned on appeal. Mike's client is presumed innocent.


Mike's clients were sued by their HOA for cutting trees down from their own back yard. The HOA sued the homeowners for more than $180,000 in fines and attorneys' fees. There was a rule prohibiting the removal of trees without the permission of the HOA, but Mike presented a creative argument why his clients could not be fined. The case lasted nearly six years, but Mike got the case dismissed. The dismissal was upheld on appeal.


Mike represented a prominent law firm that was owed more than $300,000 in legal fees from a divorce client. The client was ordered to pay her lawyers more than $100,000 but she filed bankruptcy instead. After winning several significant motions, Mike got the entire bankruptcy case dismissed so that the law firm could pursue its fees.


Mike's clients invested more than $350,000 into a Colorado medical marijuana company. When the money and the marijuana disappeared, Mike sued the owners of the medical marijuana company and obtained a judgment in excess of $1,000,000.


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